Narrative Basics Lesson 4: Speech and Dialogue

Narrative Basics Lesson 4: Speech and Dialogue
21 pages
Teach students to write richer and more authentic dialogue in Middle Years narratives.
In most narratives, characters will want to talk to each other. But why? What are they doing? In this lesson, we explore speech as a form of action—how characters ask questions, get information, encourage, intimidate and so on. We also look at some of the basic mechanics of dialogue and reported speech, including creating distinctive voices. At the end we bring everything together in a checkpoint piece. We use snippets from a variety of sources including Mango Delight by Fracaswell Hyman, All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Bredon Kiely, and The Suburb Beyond the Stars by M.T. Anderson. This lesson covers a lot, so it will take most students 3-4 hours to complete, however it is made up of bite-sized chunks, so can be completed over an extended period.
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