Narrative Basics Lesson 4: Speech and Dialogue

Putting it all together


Here’s the snippet from the previous page. Write a checkpoint piece using this snippet as a model. 

You need to blend action and dialogue (feel free to put in some reported speech if you want), as well as think about:

  • What are the characters trying to do from moment to moment?
  • What are they feeling?
  • What do they sound like? What are their voices?

There's a new inspiration image below.

I stopped so suddenly that Brook slammed into my back.

“Hey! What the … ?”

“Sorry. I’m freaking out. What if they start laughing and texting about me again?”

“So, what if? Who cares about those iPhonies? We’ll be the ones laughing when I humiliate the phoniest of them all on the track. Now you listen to me, Mango Delight Fuller. You can’t let those bullies get to you. You’re a survivor!”

Mango DelightFracaswell HymanSource
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