Narrative Basics Lesson 2: Action



This checkpoint piece can appear in Peer Review and Wrotevote, and be graded by a moderator.

Let’s do a final checkpoint piece. We’ll use the same snippet as the previous page, but a new image.

Remember, we’re trying to get a six-part pattern:

  • interpersonal action
  • meaning
  • internal action
  • meaning
  • physical action
  • meaning.

Mom made it seem like this move was no big deal because we’d be back when her new job contract expired. But two years might as well be forever. Two years meant all of middle school. And I couldn’t even imagine what two years away from Dad would feel like. It was a very big deal. So for the next hour I wrote and cut and pasted a final plea to Mom. I glued the last letter onto a page just as the doorbell rang to signal that my time was up.

The First Rule of PunkCelia C PérezSource
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