Political campaign promise

Political writing is ultimately about us versus them. They couldn’t plan their way out of a paper bag. They have done nothing but ruin economies and shatter lives. They suck. I have a solution. My plan will build the economy and improve people’s lives.

I, me, my = good. 

They, them, their = bad. 

Look at your inspiration and pick a side. Explain why the other side are corrupt idiots and your side are wise leaders.

I am deeply concerned about the threat that coronavirus poses to the health of our people and our economy.

New data from here and abroad suggest that the virus could easily overwhelm our health care system. The Trump Administration continues to badly mishandle the outbreak, raising the risks of the virus spreading more widely in the United States and reaching more vulnerable populations. 

The moment calls for a clear-eyed, data-driven assessment of the problems we face, and a comprehensive plan that matches the scale of those problems. My updated plan presents the latest data and builds on my existing recommendations to offer a comprehensive approach for protecting Americans and our economy.

I am deeply concerned about the threat this revolution poses to our way of life.

All of history tells us that the Crown is the life source of our country. These amateur revolutionaries want to rip the crown from our head of state, robbing our nation of power and prestige, and leaving us weak and vulnerable to all the wolves of Europe.

This moment calls for a renewed effort to strengthen our nation and crush insurrectionist folly. My plan represents a bold vision that builds on the best political, economic, military and religious advice available, to offer a comprehensive plan for a safe, prosperous and secure France.

Write in terms of us vs them.