Mills & Boon romance

Feelings! The opening of this romance novel is an extended description of the protagonist’s feelings, from her pang of self-recrimination, to her happiness at escaping the patriarchy, then shivering at the thought of her father’s anger, and hoping with urgent intensity that he will cool down. Intense and elaborated feelings!

Escape! Juliet savoured the word even as she felt a faint pang of self-recrimination. She ought not to be feeling so happy just because she had managed, for the first time in her life, to get the better of her father. Even now, at the thought of his anger when he discovered what she had done, she shivered, and hoped with urgent intensity that he would have time to cool down before he discovered her whereabouts.

Eugene Delacroix Liberty Leading the People

Freedom! Claude thrilled with the feeling, like a horse bolting from a stable as the walls fell around him. He knew he should be afraid because today he could die, and any of his friends could be lost, but he could not restrain the breathtaking abandon he felt upon seeing soldiers fleeing before the citizens. His blood was pounding in his ears. He felt dizzy with excitement. For a moment he even felt sorry for the retreating soldiers who looked barely older than him, and considerably more terrified.

Write about feelings. What is your character feeling? Why? How intense is it? What's happening in their body? What do they think other people are feeling?