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Evidence is crucial to building good arguments.

You might be able to convince someone with a core argument (claim + reason), but without evidence, it's just a bluff. It's not real.

Some arguments use a lot of evidence, and evidence comes in many forms, some of which we've explored in this lesson:

  • Stories of personal experience
  • Observations (including artifacts & quotes)
  • Numbers & statistics
  • Scientific studies
  • Expert testimony
  • Surveys
  • Hypotheticals
  • Accepted facts

That's not a comprehensive list, but it's a start!

Keep an eye out for the evidence that people use in their arguments:

  • What type of evidence is it?
  • How are they using it?
  • How much detail do they provide?
  • Do you know if the evidence is true?

Even without knowing a lot about how to evaluate evidence, you can at least see how other people use it (if they use it all!).

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