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Let's toss together a checkpoint piece full of made-up evidence.

Below is an ad about plastic pollution in the world's food chain. Support the ad with four pieces of made-up evidence, each of a different form:

  • Stories of personal experience
  • Recorded observations
  • Numbers & statistics
  • Studies
  • Expert testimony
  • Surveys
  • Hypotheticals
  • Accepted facts (from either history or science)

For this activity, none of the evidence needs to be real. Each piece just needs to exploit the strengths of its form (e.g. a story should be vivid & dramatic, observations should be precise & systematic, etc).

The pieces of evidence don't have to be linked! But make the form clear in each one.

Support this ad with four made-up pieces of evidence, each of a different form. (Personal experience. Observations. Numbers. Study. Expert. Survey. Hypothetical. Accepted facts.)