First person in That Eye, the Sky 5: Racing to the scene

Racing to the scene

“Where’s Tegwyn?”

When people are in trauma, they often try to hold on to normality by carrying on with routines and plans as if nothing were happening. That’s what we see in this snippet.

(And this doesn’t mean they are in denial; it means they are living in two worlds, one in which there has been a tragedy, and one in which someone needs to put the bins out.)

"Where's Tegwyn?" I ask.

"She's home looking after Grammar."

"I could've done that."

"I want you . . . with me," she says. 

That Eye, the SkyTim WintonSource
What's going on here?
Breaking it down

"Did we lock the office?" I ask Emmanuel.

"I gave the keys to Rashid."

"You can’t rely on him."

"Jojo," he says, squeezing my hand harder, "leave it."

"Can we cut through?" I shout at the Woodsman.

"It’ll take longer," he calls back.

"We can go around the hill."

"They’re not ponies… they’ll break a leg," he says.

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