My fear came from love

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Here's another snippet from the same passage. Again: short and simple.

What word groups are used this time? And do you notice anything familiar from the last couple of pages in this lesson?

My fear came from love. 

What we have is the same Noun-Verb pattern we saw a couple of pages ago, but this time it comes with a prepositional phrase at the end.

What does the prepositional phrase do in this snippet? It tells us the direction of the action: the fear came from the character's feeling of love.

This is a pretty easy pattern to copy.

You can make all the elements abstract, as in the original snippet:

Her sadness was in the past.

You can make one element abstract and the other concrete:

His loyalty lay with his teammates.

Or you can make all the elements concrete; the sentence still has exactly the same structure:

Anya leapt over the zombies.

Write a simple Noun-Verb + Prepositional Phrase sentence.