Final challenge

Checkpoint page
Your replies on this page can be graded by your teacher

Ready for one last challenge?

Here's another snippet from Wonder. This one has several sentences, and uses the conjunctions 'and' & 'but' to connect clauses.

As with the previous page, use the same conjunctions in your response.

But unlike the previous page, we won't give you any highlighting. You can analyse this snippet however you like.

  • What word groups do you see?
  • How much detail do you want to zoom into?
  • If a word group is only one word, do you want to follow suit, or do you want to expand it?

We've given you a set of word group highlighters, but you might like to think about the specific components of each word group, and if you have any thoughts or observations you might like to capture them in reflection notes.

It's all up to you on this one. Have fun with it!

I watched the rest of the play from the wings just offstage, next to Davenport. Justin was amazing, and Via, in that heartbreaking last scene, was awesome. There was one line she flubbed a bit, but Justin covered for her, and no one in the audience even noticed.

Analyse the snippet however you think works best for you, and write a variation that follows whatever pattern you identify. Highlight the top-level word groups.