New story structure game templates

A hand holding playing cards with 'platform & tilt', 'story circle', and '5-act structure' written on them.

We had a teacher request (thanks, Tegan!) for story structure templates recently so we've put together a collection of preset prompts based on three-act, five-act, hero's journey and other useful story structure patterns.

Preview of the prompt library, with prompts using act-based, hero's journey, Vonnegut shapes, and platform-tilt-adapt story structures.

Some templates cover the entire structure within a single game (so either write quickly or extend those timers!):

A sample Hero's Journey prompt. The round instructions provide scaffolding for all stages of the hero's journey, from the call to (and refusal of) adventure, to the perilous road back home.

Other templates spread the structure over multiple games, with more detailed instructions on how to approach that phase of the story:

An example hero's journey prompt, with round instructions scaffolding the call to adventure, from establishing the ordinary world to crossing the threshold of adventure.

There are no lesson notes to support these prompts at the moment

We will write some teacher notes, but we figured you'd be familiar with act-based and hero's journey structures.

We might add some more unusual structures

Ursula K. Le Guin made a critique of heroic monomyth-type structures as tending to be "take, take, take" conquest-based stories that only present a narrow slice of the world, so we're looking around for other structures and are open to suggestions if you have any.

We fixed an image upload bug & shortened the random player names

In other news:

  • We fixed a bug that prevented images with all-caps file extensions (like .JPEG) from being uploaded.
  • We had some feedback about random player names being cut off on small screen sizes, so we've added a rule that means random player names should always be short enough to be visible.

Players with random names RobotRavioli and AliasFalcon.

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