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Checkpoint page
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Our final, applying-everything-we've-learned task: a piece of Balderdash-style persuasive writing.

Using this image as inspiration, write a brief persuasive speech or ad script (or whatever else you choose).

Go all in on character, emotion, or logic—and if you can use them all, even better.


  • Character
  • Emotion
  • Reason

Character & trust

  • Expertise & authority
  • Just like you
  • Not like them
  • Warts and all
  • Virtue

Emotion & movement

  • Towards
  • Away
  • Stillness
  • Off balance

Reason & certainty

  • Core argument
  • Mountain of evidence
  • Walking through reasoning
Using the image as inspiration, write a persuasive speech or ad script. Use at least one persuasive lever, if not all three.