Intro to Word Groups

It's going to be okay

“Aaargh! Grammar!”

Hey there! This introduction covers the lessons in the Grammar Basics: Word Groups series. These include:

  • Noun groups
  • Verb groups
  • Adjective groups
  • Adverb groups
  • Prepositional phrases

If you’re doing these lessons, it means we’re going to be learning about grammar together. 

You might have strong feelings about this:

  • “Grammar sucks! It’s boring, confusing and useless!”
  • “Grammar is easy! Verbs, nouns—I know all that!”
  • I already write well and I don’t know anything about grammar—why should I learn it now?”

Fair enough! These are all valid points.

Let’s see if we can convince you this is going to be fun, interesting, and worthwhile.

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