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No matter how good the action is, a story can't get very far without an emotional heart. 

Feel all the feels

Think of a time when you, or someone you know, slowly realised something had happened (it could have been good or bad, hilarious or touching). Can you remember how emotions changed when the penny dropped?

Or maybe you (or they) kept a neutral public face in a situation but, when amongst friends, let the emotions show (again, it might have been positive or negative). How would you describe that change in words?

Usually when there's a mystery in a story, there's a point where the clues are laid out and the heroes solve things (or a part of them). 

The next time you read a story with a similar scene, think about all of the clues. When did each clue appear? Did you work out the mystery before the heroes?

Gone book cover

Gone is the first book in a bestselling series of nine(!), by Michael Grant.

It's set in the fictional town of Perdido Beach, where Sam and friends deal with the fantastic events mentioned in this group of lessons and more, besides! 

It has drama, action, superpowers, heroes, villains, power struggles, talking coyotes, mutant arms... there's a lot to take in.

Okay - one lesson to go!

In the final part of this series, we'll look at the end of Chapter 1 of Gone, how the author finishes things up, and how he tries to make the reader want to read more.

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