High-concept storytelling in Gone 2: Meet the heroes

Keeping it small, looking for clues, meeting the characters

The classroom was empty

Right from the start of the passage, we see a part of the group dynamic. Sam goes in first - he’s seen as a leader by the other two. The writer wants us to see it that way too, because we experience the scene through his actions.

Sam walked toward Astrid’s classroom. She and Quinn were right behind him.

The classroom was empty. Desk chairs, the teacher’s chair, all empty. Math books lay open on three of the desks. Notebooks, too. The computers, a row of six aged Macs, all showed flickering blank screens.

On the chalkboard you could quite clearly see “Polyn.”

GoneMichael GrantSource

Can you find the same pattern in these examples?

Heidi-the-Grumpy-Checkout-Chick and Eve felt their way in the dark to the Service Desk to find a torch. Noah followed the groans and curses the other two made getting there. 

The path was filled with obstacles. He bumped into what felt like some discarded trolleys, a magazine rack, and a stand filled with small packets that scattered everywhere. 

They squeaked loud enough to drown out the shopping centre muzak when he stood on them.

Trixie ground the tail of her skateboard on the steps outside her gran’s house while she waited for Bronwyn and Hunter to pump up their bike tyres.

The air felt humid. Her shirt and hair were already sticking to her skin. The sky was a weird orange, like sunset, but it was only 2pm. There were noises, but she couldn’t tell from what or where. They sounded like birds.

Something had crushed the rose bushes in Mrs Muller’s front yard.

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