Tabloid gossip

Tabloid news is deliberately written in short simple sentences. This means even people with low reading ability can read gossip about minor celebrities.

With such short simple statements, it looks like we are presenting facts. But a careful read shows that there are only small details that could be called ‘facts’. The rest is pure gossip!

Tabloid news gets around this by using words like ‘rumours’ and ‘seems’ to suggest truth. They then boost the drama of the story with colourful and value-laden words like ‘sparked’ and ‘rare’.  

Have a look.


MasterChef judge Andy Allen and girlfriend Alex Davey have sparked engagement rumours, after they were spotted out and about with Alex flaunting a glittering engagement ring.

In March, he showed a rare display of public affection for his partner on Instagram to celebrate Alex’s birthday.

“Life is way more fun when you’re around. Love you lots and I look forward to many more laughs together!” he wrote.

However, it seems the happy couple are ready to be open about their engagement – especially now MasterChef’s new all-star season has catapulted Andy back into stardom.

Just look at that ring!!

Bonus points for a quick advertisement about the show! 

So, what do we actually know from this article? A reality show judge was seen with his girlfriend. She had a ring on her engagement finger. Two months earlier he wished her a happy birthday on Instagram. Everything else, at the time of writing the article, is rumour only, including the statement that these things have sparked rumours!

Now let’s look at an example of the same treatment using this photo as the starting point.


Film star Momoko Kôchi seemed overjoyed yesterday, spotted arm-in-arm with her monstrous co-star, finally proving the rumours about the two’s blossoming relationship.

Hints that they were a couple began three weeks ago, when Mormoko cryptically  tweeted “I think Beauty has met her Beast. <3”

This was fuelled by reports that filming had been delayed at times because the stars were late to set. “They’d apologise, mumbling something about learning their lines. I mean, really… all one of them does is roar and stomp a bit,” one insider said.

However, if the attention over this picture is any indication, we may have more than a blockbuster film on our hands.

The news is going to destroy Tokyo!

Note: Anything said in a tabloid article by ‘an insider’ or a ‘reliable source’ might be fact, but probably isn’t. There’s no real way of knowing.

Look at the picture and pretend that you’re gossiping about what you see. Write with short, simple sentences and use suggestions and values to blow some small facts out of all proportion!