Haiku poem

A haiku is a traditional Japanese poem made up of three short lines that don’t rhyme, and is made up of 17 syllables (5/7/5).

Even though they are tiny, the best haikus take a deep look at subjects like life, death, and the beauty of nature, and leave you with a strong emotional feeling or impression. 

Haikus often mix a big, broad context with the observation of a detail. This can be in any order.

A mountain village
under the piled-up snow
the sound of water.

Behind the scenes on the set of Godzilla

A sweltering day
Godzilla walks carefully
umbrella held high.

Follow the haiku 5/7/5 syllable structure to create a poem of your own, using the photo as inspiration. Bonus points if you can use that big context/tiny detail mix to make it sound deep and meaningful!