Nice YouTube Comments

A fun one to finish! 

Not all YouTube comment threads are dumpster fires! In this one, everyone is super nice and chill.

We have Fans praising the creators, we have Metas who are enjoying the context, and Extenders who are adding their own variation on the content. No Trolls or Bullies in this one!

To show the formatting, here’s a screenshot of a couple of comments from one video:

Some of these are common terms, some not so common. We’ll explain them all.


There are a lot of degrees of fandom! For this, we’ll use the term to mean someone who’s enjoying the show and commenting on the video. Remember, you can still be a fan and criticise what you see (it’ll be a pretty gentle criticism though - at the end of the day they still like it)!


Something that’s referring to itself. For a YouTube commenter, that’s talking about the context of the video – the studio that shot it, the time it was made, the people who are commenting on it. Everything about the video but the content within it.


Adding to the content and extending its value. Examples would be someone providing background about the video, links to related information, etc. 


Insulting, criticizing, and threatening other commenters in the thread.


Commenters who say something deliberately trying to get a reaction or start a fight. Toxic.

Tracy Martinez
The dude in the lower left sounds like a greek god

Anonymous User
So...Mitch had glasses, Avi was showing his hair, Kirstie had a side bang, Scott didn't have a beard, and Kevin had a hat.

Don John
Who still watches this while in quarantine? 😁 please leave a like

shanie yim
[11th century:] [Salve Regina] Salve Regina 
[1600s:] [Canon in D - Pachelbel] La la la la, la la la la la la La la la la, la la la la la la
[1800s:][Symphony No. 5 - Beethoven] Ba-ba-ba-bam Pam pam pam pamm!

Am I the only one who is a bit uncomfortable by their perfectness

Mr. Night Sky
the lower left guys voice has literally more bass than an actual bass guitar

sleepy jeon
i’ve memorized this without even noticing like it’s an actual song like that

A Human
see yall in 2 years when this is recommended again

Tip Wilson
Is it just me, or has the Big G lost kilos? Looking good bro. Rock that umbrella

Anonymous User
This is a backstage photo from the Godzilla film of the same name. The lady in the photo is Momoko Kōchi, one of the stars. Made in 1954 it was directed by Ishirō Honda and released by Toho. An influential classic of the genre. ...

Dr Nat 
Greatest film ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Change my mind.

saako xiao
Toto I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore

I’m all for acceptance, but this cross species love makes me a bit uncomfortable 

Mr. Dope Boi
@damo Shut up hater. These two rock my world!

derpy hannah
i learned japanese just so that i can quote this film. 

Comment Gal
Ha. These comments <3

Write like the nicest YouTube comment thread you’ve ever seen! Use the commenter types listed as a guide, but the important thing is that your writing should represent personality types with different agendas.