See you next time

That’s the end of this lesson. 

You should have a feel for how you can use a first person narration to add layers of complexity to an otherwise simple plot.

In the next lesson, we’ll expand on the character descriptions using the same techniques.

Over the next couple of days, stop yourself randomly and look at what's happening around you.

Imagine you were telling someone what was happening—what kind of commentary could you add on top to explain what you think is going on beneath the surface?

What do the people around you want, think, feel and believe?

Next time you're reading a story, stop and look at whether or not the story is told in first person.

  • If it is, how does the narrator comment on the story?
  • If it's not, how does the author tell you what is happening behind the scenes? Do they have a way? Or do they not do it at all?
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