Social kid

This snippet celebrates friendship seen from the point of view of one in the group.

Each friend is celebrated in a unique situation, using a physical bond to illustrate their social bond.

The word friends doesn't seem to stretch big enough to describe how we feel about each other. We forget where one of us starts and the other one stops. When Tibby sits next to me in the movies, she bangs her heel against my shin during the funny or scary parts. Usually I don't even notice until the bruise blooms the next day. In history class Carmen absently grabs the loose, pinchy skin at my elbow. Bee rests her chin on my shoulder when I'm trying to show her something on the computer, clacking her teeth together when I turn to explain something. We step on each other's feet a lot. (And, okay, I do have large feet.)

‘Mateship’ doesn't quite cover our rag tag bunch. We’ve been side by side, saving each other’s necks ever since first grade. We share a bench and sneak extra food to Isaac so he gets at least one decent meal a day. When his family’s broke there’s always a pizza party and sleepover organised. We hit the library and finish Lucy’s homework and assignments, and create a human wall to diffuse any fight she starts with those losers in Year 9. One of us always sits next to Daniel so, when he falls asleep in class, we can kick him under the table. We have each other’s back. (And front, I guess.)

Write a celebration of friendship, using the photo as a starting point. Use a mix of situations and actions to illustrate the bond of each friend.