This is my lucky day

As you may have gathered, between this passage and the one from the last lesson, the detective has taken the job and the client is going to pay.

My brother was jubilant. “Five hundred bucks just for looking after an envelope,” he crowed. “This is my lucky day. This is the best thing that’s happened to me this year.”

$500? That was a lot of money back in the day!

Sam Spade looking excited.

There are options! 

  • They can discuss it with a confidant.
  • It can be an inner argument. You could write the detective’s thoughts.
  • They can look in a mirror and talk to themselves! It may be a good way to show they’ve been working solo for a long time and this is how they deal with the loneliness. Very hardboiled. 

See how the detective shares their news in these examples.

Fliss was ecstatic. “Do you believe it? Actual aliens,” she hooted at me. “If only Jane had money to pay us. Poor petal! Still, if we can crack this case and show proof… the jobs and pay cheques will follow!”

The first thing I did was phone my mother. “A hundred bucks, ma!” I shouted, then I realised I needed to lower my voice so the TV room residents wouldn’t hear me. “Just for agreeing to look into the case!” I whispered. “And more to come if I find evidence of bingo fraud! I told you it was better than working at Muffin Man!”

Write your own variation.