Expecting big trouble

Despite all of these doubts, the job is still accepted!

He may have been a small guy, but he seemed to be expecting big trouble.

Just how big I was to find out soon enough.

From a narrative point of view, the final line reminds you that this is a recount. The narrator is retelling the story. From a writer’s point of view, it’s telling the reader that this is the beginning of a big adventure. To find out what happens next, you’ll need to keep reading. 

Can you see the same pattern in these examples?

Was our Jane Doe just a dazed and confused old lady, or had she really made a close encounter? 

The truth (and more) lay waiting for us on that drive.

He may have been a big guy, but someone in Sunnybank Village was capable of making him very, very small.

Now it was my job to find out why.

Write your own variation.