Quick recap

How are we going now? We're almost done, but let's revise what we've learnt so far:

  • Adverbs help convey information about actions and processes.
  • Adverbs have all sorts of forms and can appear in all sorts of positions, and many different words can function as adverbs, depending on context.
  • Adverbs can appear alone or in groups which can include additional adverbs, intensifiers and negatives.
  • We can even have multi-word adverbs, which can include other word types but as a whole function like regular adverbs, communicatinv more detail about an action.
  • Adverbs can communicate several types of meaning, including:
    • Manner (in what way an action was performed
    • Time and timing
    • Position and direction (here, there & everywhere), and
    • Describing how likely an event is.