Fun new "cartoonish" images for your Frankenstories games

A pirate in swimming trunks on the sea bed closely examines a seashell.

After using DALLE3 to create fairytale Frankenstories images, I thought I'd do the same for our Cartoonish image theme

A smiling veterinarian shows a relieved orangutan their dental x-ray

"Cartoonish" is one of our go-to themes for younger players.

The images have never had any common thread; they're just fun illustrations. (At one point, the theme was simply called "Cute".)

However, in generating these new images, I grouped them into scenarios to make the process more efficient. 

Beside a verdant garden, green goo escapes from a flask, giving the surprised scientist wild green hair.

So, within the updated theme, you'll find the original set of cartoonish images, plus new DALLE images related to:

  • zoo animals on the loose
  • archaeological explorations
  • crash-landed aliens
  • scientists exploring an otherworldly ocean
  • zombie pirate adventures, and
  • a botanical garden where the plants go rogue.

Here are some examples

A monkey hands a young boy explorer a strange stone pyramid amongst deep jungle ruins.

A nervous fluffy alien in an astronaut's helmet and safety harness watch a group of children playing on an observation platform.

A smiling zookeeper sprays a happy dancing panda with a hose in the zoo's greenhouse

Two scared boys and a robot look for an exit from a flooding spaceship. One of the boys is holding a sapling in a crate.

A nervous archeologist stands amongst desert ruins, surrounded by and covered in locusts.

If you'd like to try them out, create a game and choose the Cartoonish (10y+) theme then reroll text & image to see some fun random combos (or click Customise and scroll through the gallery).

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