New Frankenstories prompts & images for Halloween

Franky's face on a scarecrow body holding up a carved, glowing pumpkin.

Want to use Halloween to conjure more writing from your students?

We've added some spooky new content to Frankenstories that will have your students screaming for more time to write.

New preset prompts

We've added scaffolded game presets that help players brainstorm scary story elements, craft suspenseful scenes, and explore common horror tropes.

We also have a sequence of 8 preset prompts that you can play in order to draft a complete suspense-themed short story.

A sample of preset prompts including the Hidden Monster, the Menacing Intruder, the Ancient Curse, and the Warped Reality.

Check out these chilling examples from the last couple of weeks!

A sample of cartoonish spooky images suitable for ages 10+. Cute ghosts, spooky abandoned carnivals, dribbly sea monsters...and more.

New images

For random games, we've added new image themes to suit every level of bravery:

  • Our brand-new 'Spooky' images are perfect for younger students who love a cute scare.
  • 'Scary' images kick it up a notch for thrill-seeking new teens.
  • And for the brave souls in higher grades, we've got 'Horror' images that challenge their uncanny imagination without crossing into gory territory.

A sample of scary images suitable for ages 13+. Intimidating werewolves, unidentifiable pink goo, nasty crab monsters in tunnels, and more...

New text prompts

Also in the random game settings, we've added a Spooky, scary, horror text category specifically suited to suspenseful stories.

A sample of new random text prompts. Write like this is about decay. Write like this is about a creepy piece of media. Write like this is about a creepy authority figure. And more...

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Franky's head on a kid at a creepy abandoned carnival covered with spiders

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