Lesson update: Visualising narrative point of view

A few months ago we published a nice little lesson on narrative point of view that tries to go deeper than the usual I-you-they framing.

The lesson shows how point of view is really about who knows what in the triangular relationship between audience, narrator, and characters. This framing helps explain why each point of view has distinct effects and when you would choose one over the other.

Because it's a little conceptual, we've been working on some supporting infographics—but information visualisation is hard!

Here are some of the original sketches:

90 percent done

Could not be clearer!

Here is a halfway point, where we're finding the execution isn't working but having trouble figuring out why:

Why is this so hard

Until we arrived at something we're happy with:

That feels right

Third person omniscient

Now you are Tolstoy

Second person

And there are a bunch more!

You can find them in the POV lesson or on Pinterest 📌

If you want to use these outside of the Writelike lesson, you can find them all on our new Pinterest page.

You'll find more infographics there as we publish them.

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