Bringing more of a party feel with Mixed Remix lessons

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We’ve been experimenting with ways to make Writelike more fun.

When we first started making the platform, we were interested in helping students learn to mimic genre and writer-specific voices. For inexperienced writers that’s challenging; they need help unpacking language patterns and mechanics and then applying them, which is a lot of effort even with ample scaffolding.

So we wanted to create a lesson type that was more fun and accessible, with more immediate payoff, but still constructive, which has led us to Mixed Remix.

The Mixed Remix lesson format

In each Mixed Remix lesson we provide a single inspiration image. For example, in Mixed Remix 01 (Middle Years) we have this image from Pieter Bruegel, Hunters in the Snow (Winter):

Pieter Bruegel's Hunters in the Snow

We then provide five snippets in distinctive styles, such as:

  • Newspaper report
  • Lyric poem
  • Friendly troll texting
  • Australian convict letter
  • Game review

Each snippet comes with instructions that highlight key patterns.

Instruction and snippet

We provide a worked example applying the pattern to the inspiration image.

Example response

Finally, students write their own version, which appears in a group feed so everyone in the class can read and react.

Response feed

What we’ve heard from pilot students

Feedback so far has been that these lessons are fun and encourage friendly competition, and the quality of work in our test sessions has been very high.

There’s also a clear benefit in writing multiple text types using the same source image. Students have observed they learn more about each text type from the contrast between them.

How to use Mixed Remix in class

Each Mixed Remix lesson is short and sweet, with five activities.

Depending on how much effort students put in, each activity takes 10-20 minutes, with a whole lesson taking 45-90 minutes to complete. However, we’ve found that asking students to write at home and then using class time to review entries in the feed as a group works very well. 

What Mixed Remix lessons have we published so far?

We've published 5 lessons aimed at Middle Years students, and one so far for older students (with more on the way):

The middle years lessons have been grouped into a Mixed Remix (Middle Years) course.

Mixed REmix course tiles