Um, guys...

This is the moment when the threat is revealed, and we start to understand the position the character is in as they face down this danger.

It was bigger. Much bigger. It covered a whole quadrant of the sky now. It was shaped like a great black V: a sharp-edged shadow where the night’s darkness looked even darker, somehow. Thicker. And all the way through it, he couldn’t see a single star.

The stars had disappeared.

We get a brief description that really dials up the scale of the threat—both in size and the supernatural presence it may have.

Let's see how the examples give us a sense of how big and dangerous the threat is:

This monster was already the size of a solar system. The mass of four million suns compressed into a black sphere that broke the local universe. And now it was unravelling. Like an octopus unfurling its tentacles. A dozen black tendrils emerged and probed the inner rim of the galaxy. 

It was looking for something.

It was expanding. Rapidly. Soon there was little left of the colony as the buildings were swallowed. An enormous red fissure, like jaws slowly opening: a fiery rift that looked hotter than a sun. Angrier. And all along its length, the surface of the planet was sucked into the abyss.

Nothing escaped.

It erupted in an enormous detonation. Exploding into a blazing ball of force and metal: in the blink of an eye it grew so large it consumed the ocean shelf and the box was sitting on. And it only got larger, consuming everything close and pushing the rest away at an impossible speed.

It was death.

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