Science fantasy worldbuilding in Phoenix 5: Exotic technology

Exotic Technology

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We looked at how to build a description of an artefact that is so alien or ancient that it's unfathomable; incomprehensible. The object's physical features are described with both precise and vague language, the reader's attention is drawn to key features of interest, and we're told how to react to this artefact through the character's thoughts and feelings about it.

Is it 'artefact' or 'artifact'?
When you're out in the world
When you're reading
Tell me more about ‘Phoenix’ (without giving away too many spoilers)

Where did the inspiration images come from?

This is (yet) another illustration from Bruce Brenneise—can you tell that we like his work?

This image is by Bristol-based artist and illustrator Luke Oram, whose work also featured as an inspiration image back in Lesson 2. 

The last image is by German 3D artist Frerk Güntzler, who does general 3D art but also specialises in hard surfaces (like this image) and weapons. 

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