Science fantasy worldbuilding in Phoenix 4: Close encounters

Close Encounters

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We've looked at how to introduce an alien creature into your story—a common aspect of the science-fantasy genre. We set up some first impressions with the protagonist's first look, looked at the details of the alien's physical features, and embellished on the features that mark it out as being an out-of-this-world alien. 

When you're out in the world
When you're reading
Tell me more about ‘Phoenix’ (without giving away too many spoilers)

Where are the inspiration images from?

The first image is by Bruce Brenneise, whose work we've also featured in previous lessons. 

The second image is by Italian freelance illustrator and concept artist, Mirco Paganessi. He's contributed to various tabletop role-playing games, including Numenera (Monte Cook Games), which is where this image comes from. 

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