Putting it all together

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Let’s pull all these fragments back together and see what we have. Here’s the original snippet:

The sea sprang and snatched at the man on the rope like a beast with white teeth. Sometimes, where the rope sagged lowest, the waves swept him right under. Storm Boy could feel the shock and shudder of the line as the water thundered round it. But the man managed to snatch a breath between waves and he always rose up safely again on the rope. Hide-Away and Fingerbone pulled until their feet dug deep into the sand, and the muscles that stood out on their arms looked like the rope they were pulling. And so at last they were able to haul the man through the thud and tug of the sea to the shore, where he unfastened himself and dropped down onto the sand of the beach. He was shivering and exhausted, but he was safe. Storm Boy ran down to help him up to the humpy.

Storm Boy(1963)

Here are the examples we've been building:

The fire licked and lashed towards the teenager in the abandoned factory like a snake hissing, ready to attack. At times, when the fire found new fuel, the flames completely covered him from view. Amelia could see them growing as the building was steadily consumed. But the boy managed to scramble from room to room keeping two steps ahead. Amelia waved frantically and pointed to a low lying window until he noticed her flailing on the street, giving her a panicked but confused look like she thought he hadn’t noticed the fire. Eventually she got the teen there, safely away from the flicker and flare of the flames to the window, where the he scrunched his eyes and jumped three metres to the footpath, landing with a thud. Singed and bruised, but alive. Amelia rushed over, wrapped the boy’s shoulders in a blanket, and quickly lead him to a nearby water tap.

The floodwater surged and spun the minivan, with the woman trapped inside, like someone stirring a spoon in coffee. As the van met the deeper current, muddy water frothed over the windshield. Xavier fought the flow, trying to get his kayak close without overshooting. Despite the mud and sticks over the windshield, he could see the woman struggling to get a door open. Xavier plunged an oar into the water and felt the whole kayak judder as it skidded across the seething tide like he was surfing across a ribbed sand dune. He crashed into the side of the van and hooked the oar around the wing mirror, fighting to hold himself in place against the tumble and tow of the water, while the woman shattered the driver side window with what looked like a tin of beans, scattering chunks of auto glass across Xavier’s back and shoulders. She hauled herself through the window and flopped onto the back of the kayak, like a seal landing on a deck. She almost capsized them, but she was calm enough to hold on tight. Xavier let the van go and paddled them back towards the servo.

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