1950s advertisement

This Pepsi ad from the 1950s has entire sentences telling you what this drink is and how you should drink it. 

The ad has a headline, not one but two slogans, and even has body copy. And it tries very hard to sound polite, urbane, sophisticated—the 1950s idea of classy. Pepsi isn’t just a soda: it’s a light, sociable refreshment. 

To pull this style off, think calm, cool and collected. Choose your product, and tell your reader why it is the right choice, but don’t show too much emotion—you’re too classy for that.

Pepsi makes the party

Pepsi adds the light touch. This is the light refreshment – always refreshing, never filling. Have an ice-cold Pepsi anywhere: at home, at play – or your favourite soda fountain.

Be Sociable, 
Have a Pepsi 

Refresh without filling

Papa’s Your Sauce of Comfort

Papa’s is the natural choice. This is the rich pasta sauce, full of nature’s own vine-ripened tomatoes – always filling, always full of flavour. Use Papa’s all-natural pasta sauce for every meal: bolognese, pizza – or your favourite cat’s dinner.

Feel Good,
Pour Papa’s

Rich and natural

Sell something, using the photo as a starting point. Sound sophisticated, repeat key words. Sell it like it’s stylish.