Tegwyn and Grammar

The final snippet is a little more complex.

Tegwyn in the next room with her magazines is my sister. She finishes school next month. Grammar lives in the room behind with her piano she never plays. She never does much these days. That flamin' rooster going again.

Here we see a pattern—character + expansion—repeated twice.

Background character: Introduce a couple of non-speaking background characters. (Notice how each character is introduced with a more expanded description than last time.)

Expansion: Add detail for each character, and consider using personal commentary instead of physical description. (For instance, Ort judges Grammar's activity level.)

Callback detail: To end, bring back the background detail you set up in the previous lesson (in the place of the rooster crorking out back—in our examples it was the bringling phone or the Woodsman in the bath). 

Rashid lying there on the sofa fast asleep is a new courier. He’s lazy; Emmanuel’s going to drop him soon. Sitting on a broken chair by the fridge, Nassor is trying to get his music on the bluetooth speaker. He doesn’t work here. He just hangs out. The phone rings so hard it travels across the table.

The man whose bones are buried beneath the elm tree behind our cottage was my father, but I never knew him. Eaten by a bear in the mountains the day before I was born. The Woodsman is my father now, I suppose. He courted my mother slowly, eventually took my father’s place, now treats me with great care and respect. If he has any vice at all, it’s that bath.

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