Expressive Punctuation: Contrasting sentence lengths

Long-short combos

A longstanding belief, not true

This snippet also uses a short sentence for impact.

For years Dad had been telling me I had an inner beauty. Most people didn't see it.

The Glass CastleJeanette WallsSource

The difference between this snippet and the last one is that this time instead of amplifying the first sentence, the second sentence just flat-out contradicts it.

For the last six weeks Maxwell had been telling everyone he was going out with Stacey. Stacey knew nothing about it.

For years Miss O’Malley had been telling us she knew the most terrifying ghost story imaginable. We all knew she was bluffing.

Ever since we came back from camp Olivia had been complaining that she had an intestinal worm. Mr Perkins said he doubted it.

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