This lesson is all about conflict.

True to the topic, we'll jump straight in. 💥  

In this lesson we'll write ~12 variations that explore conflict in different ways.

The best way for you to approach this is to pick a story world that you would be interested in exploring and developing over a few hours of writing. 

You could:

  • explore your own life, memories, and personal interests
  • take inspiration from another story, or
  • take inspiration from an image that suggests a world.

For the two worked examples in this lesson, we used images as starting points.

Example 1: Hong Kong Zombies!

Our first worked example was inspired by renders of post-apocalyptic cities, and personal memories of growing up in Hong Kong.

Post apocalyptic abandoned city

(By FreshCan 3D)

Abandoned Hong Kong

(By Leeda

Example 2: Texan Taxidermy!

Our second worked example sprang from this image:

Woman sits in taxidermy office

(By Daniel Berehulak for The New York Times)

This story was 95% imagination and 5% Googling for local details.

Find your own inspiration

All you need to get started with this lesson is a setting that seems interesting to you, and a vague idea of some characters. The rest will come.