Vintage advertising

Christmas time is shopping time, so let’s sell something! 

Here’s a vintage Coca-Cola advertisement from the 1950s. You’ll notice it has a very polite tone compared to a lot of modern ads—not to mention a pretty creepy Santa helping himself to a Coke, and an even creepier teddy bear!

To copy this ad you should very politely and elegantly tell people how your product is linked to Christmas, and then tell them what they should do about it.  

This ad uses three logical steps:

  1. Christmas is about hospitality.
  2. You can offer hospitality with Coca-cola.
  3. Therefore you should put lots of coke in your fridge for Christmas. 

Don’t forget to throw in a catchy headline and slogan!

Hospitality in your refrigerator

Christmas time is hospitality time. For friendly visits and unexpected guests, the pause that refreshes with ice-cold Coca-Cola provides a gracious welcome. There’s more Coke now, so keep an ample supply in your refrigerator for visitors, for your family, and for yourself.

Let's see what kind of ad you could write using this image as inspiration!

Get the beard Santa dreams of

There is a reason Santa is so beloved by people around the world. Everyone loves to see that jolly old smile behind a well-kept beard. That’s why the hair that captures the room with St. Nick’s Beard Oil will be sure to brighten your Christmas. Bring a little bit of old Santa’s magic to your smile, and to your family.

Go ahead and tell the world about your product, and convince your readers with a catchy line or two on why they need it this Christmas!