Royal speech

Every year, the British Royal family broadcasts a Christmas message that serves as a brief reflection on the year’s events and a goodwill inspiration for the new year. It is quite formal—as you might expect from the Queen of England—and is packed with positive messages about hope, community, leadership, family and so on. 

Three things you might like to copy:

  • Repetition of words and phrases
  • Inclusive language (‘we’, ‘with you’)
  • Commas to give a lot of pause, as the Queen might use while speaking.

We can all try to reflect that message of hope in our own lives, in our actions and in our prayers. If we do, the reflection may light the way for others and help them to read the message too. We live in the global village, but villages are made up of families.

We, the peoples of the fifty nations of the Commonwealth—more than a quarter of the world's population—have, as members of one of the largest families, a great responsibility. By working together, we can help the rest of the world become a more humane and happier place.

I hope you all enjoy your Christmas. I pray, with you, for a happy and peaceful New Year.

HM. Queen Elizabeth II

Here's an example in the same style using our Christmas image!

This Christmas, we reflect on the community that empowers this workshop. The world outside, now more than ever, needs the spirit, needs the joy, and needs the gifts that we bring. As we gather here on Christmas Eve, in the company of our fellow elves, we recognise the bond that burns like a hearthfire in our hearts.

We, the elves of Santa’s workshop—the greatest elves on Earth—have a duty, a responsibility and a great honour. To bring joy into the world with the work we will do tonight, that we have done for centuries before, and we will do for centuries still.

Good luck, one and all. I wish, as we all do, for a swift and smooth retail shift.

Dink Hufflebug, Senior Manager of Elf Resources.

Time to put yourself in the shoes of someone very important delivering a Christmas address. It doesn’t have to be royal, it could be from anyone in a formal leadership position that might deliver a rousing speech!