Because Writelike has long been in flux, we’ve never really taken the time to explain in writing how to teach with it. We’ve either left people to figure it out—not great!—or we’ve answered questions directly.

No more! We’ve gone documentation crazy. 

If you go the main nav you’ll find a new About menu with information on:

  • What is Writelike?: Why does Writelike exist? What problems is it trying to solve? What makes it different to conventional practice? 
  • How do Writelike lessons work?: Writelike lessons have a pretty rigid format. Why? What are they supposed to achieve? What range of experiences are available?
  • How to teach with Writelike: What are the quotidian mechanics of using Writelike in your classroom? How should you get started? How should you introduce students to it? How often should you use it?

Writelike information page screenshot

We’ve also updated the Writelike user manual. This covers a lot of administrative questions: how to create and manage groups, how to assign content, how to monitor student work, and so on.

Page from writelike manual

None of this is as good as we want it to be, but it’s a start, and it’s better than what we’ve had to date, which is nothing.

We’ll be looking to improve it as we go and find more elegant ways of bringing users onboard.

As always, send us any questions or comments—we’ll not only answer you, but your feedback helps us make the platform better (even if it takes us a while).

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