Coming soon: Curriculum mapping!

Curriculum logos

To date, whenever anyone asks if Writelike content is standards-aligned, our response has been along the lines of, “Does the curriculum require students to write higher-order texts? Then yes, the lessons are aligned.”

Which is true, but also, to be fair, somewhat unhelpful.

When you’re developing a new product or concept, you have limited time and money and you need to focus your efforts carefully. To date we’ve always focused on trying to get the teaching method, content and system right—curriculum-mapping, we’d say, we’ll get to that when we’re ready!

Well we’re nearly there! We’ve built the framework, it’s all there behind the scenes on the website. We just need to do the manual part of the mapping, and then we can launch the feature.

We’ll be beginning with the Australian National Curriculum and U.S. Common Core. If there’s demand, we can also map to other national or state-based curricula or syllabuses. 

Not long now!