Writelike now saves student writing automatically

Big quality of life improvement! Writelike now saves student writing in the browser until they click Complete Page, after which the response will be published for peers & teacher. It means students can close their browser with draft content and come back to find it still there.

Written in a Writelike textbox: My writing is still here even if I haven't clicked to complete the page

The old system has been bugging everyone for ages, so we're glad to have fixed it!

New export features in Frankenstories

Students can copy just their own replies

By popular demand, we've added a button that lets students download only their own replies from a game.

If your students open a game they've played, they can click Copy text > Copy my replies then paste the text into a document.

The 'Copy text' button now has options to either copy the final story, or copy just the player's own replies

Teacher export is now grouped by student

We've also changed the teacher's export report to group replies by student rather than round:

A spreadsheet of Frankenstories game replies grouped by player

The teacher export still comes as a file that you can open in Excel or Sheets, so you can sort it however you like, but we've been getting the sense that most teachers want to see the replies grouped by student rather than by round, so we made that the default.

And Frankenstories round instructions now appear earlier!

Another quality of life improvement: if a Frankenstories game has round instructions, students will get a preview of all the instructions at once while waiting in the lobby.

This lets players see where the game is headed and pace themselves better.

All round instructions for the game show on screen while players are waiting in the lobby

Also, during the game, the instruction for the upcoming round will appear earlier, during the awarding phase, giving students more time to think about what they want to write next.