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Writelike is finally getting active on social media—like us on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter if you want to see some (hopefully) good social content.

So far we’re posting examples of student writing (in a series called Wrotelike) and some nice artsy juxtapositional posts to get ourselves warmed up, and we’ll see how we go from there. (We've included some examples below.)

We'd like to share work in progress, tips from lessons, maybe do some reviews of writing instruction books and methods and so on.

We’d like to be a welcome addition to your social feeds!


Wrotelike tabloid

Wrotelike snippet and reply

Artsy posts

Two kids with space hoppers dreaming

Girl on back of bus quoting Gatsby

Who knows what else we'll post?!

And you can even follow me, Andrew, personally over on Twitter, though I'm pretty shy on social media.