New feature: Group social feeds in lessons

We’re trying to make Writelike lessons more social!

Peer Reviews make sure each student gets feedback from a few peers on their portfolio pieces (for the lessons that use portfolio pieces), but only the writer sees the peer comments on their piece and only a few students get to see each piece of writing.

To make Writelike exercises a little more communal, we’ve introduced a new group responses feed feature on lesson pages.

Social feed

Response feeds live on lesson pages, meaning students can only see the responses for that page on that page, and nowhere else. And students can only see comments from their group.

Students can see the non-portfolio responses submitted by other students in their group. They can also react with emojis and write comments.

Teacher controls

Group moderators can make and delete comments.

Moderators can’t turn off the response feeds at the moment but if enough people ask we can make the a feature.

How to make use of activity feeds in class

One of the downsides with this type of feed is it can get long and most of the attention goes to the first few entries. We’ve found it helpful to let students write alone, and then review the feeds as a group, asking students to scan the whole feed to find hidden gems and read them out to the class.