For younger readers

For the last exercise we have a little kids’ story! It has a simple plot, small sentences, easy words, and a lot of repetition. The full tale is about friendship, understanding and caring for each other.

Here’s part of the story.

A boy was collecting pinecones in his wagon when he met a robot.

“Hi!” said the boy. “Want to play?”
The robot blinked. “Affirmative!”

They played. They had fun.

But, as they rolled down the hill, a rock bumped the robot’s power switch and the robot turned off.
“What’s wrong?” the boy asked.

The robot didn’t answer. “Are you sick?” the boy asked.
The robot still did not answer.
“I must help him,” the boy said.

He took the robot home.
The boy fed him applesauce.
He read the robot a story.

And he tucked him in.
“Good night, Bot,” the boy whispered, and climbed into bed.

Boy + Bot(2012)

Cuteness overload!

Boy + Bot cover

You can watch and listen to it being read here.
(The YouTube clip takes about four minutes to watch.)

A family in spacesuits on Mars.

Here’s an example in the same style, based on the picture. 

Amy was on a new planet with Mum and Dad when an alien popped up.

“I am Frooma,” said the alien. “Would you like to play?”
Amy nodded. “Yes please! Can we?”
“Sure,” said Mum and Dad. “Don’t go too far!”
Frooma and Amy played close by.

After some time, Amy was hungry.
“Do you have food to eat?” Amy asked.
“What is a food? What is a eat?” Frooma asked.
Frooma didn’t understand.

So Amy took Frooma back to Mum and Dad. 
She got a cheese stick and ate some. 
She gave Frooma the rest.
He tried a little bit.

“Food is strange,” said Frooma “but thank you for showing me.”
“Your planet is strange,” said Amy “but thank you for showing me.”

They became good friends.

Your turn now. Put all of the sci-fi ingredients together in a simple story. 

Write a little kid’s sci-fi story. Use a simple plot, using small sentences, easy words, and lots of repetition. Bonus points for cuteness!