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1. Complex sentences contain multiple events

2. Hierarchy of main and supporting events

3. 3 reasons why supporting events can be tricky

4. Heads up: Click Next to save your work

Adding more detail

5. Adding related events

6. Showing the timing of related events

7. When it's not important who did it

8. Giving reasons

9. Giving conditions

10. Adding qualifying details

11. Streamlining details by dropping relative pronouns

Unique meanings

12. Qualifying the unknown

13. Combining prepositions and events to explain when, why, how, etc

14. Showing cause and effect without connectors

15. Describing the world indirectly—Reported speech

16. Describing the world indirectly—thinking, feeling, perceiving

17. Combining compound & complex sentences


18. Checkpoint piece

Wrapping up

19. See you next time!