NZ Police Recruiting Video

In 2017, New Zealand Police launched a campaign to recruit more people to the police force.

The entry point to the campaign was this video, featuring more than 70 real cops:

"We want New Zealand to be the safest country in the world, but we can't do it without your help."

"New Zealand Police are looking for new recruits who can make a real difference."

"Those who care about others and their communities."

"We need individuals who want to be part of a strong team."

"When you join the police, you'll be trained in the skills to keep you and others safe. Receive a good starting salary. And..."

"You can choose from over 30 different careers."

"Like underwater business!"

"Or youth work!"

"Or police commissioner stuff."

"We want fit New Zealanders. Woo, not that fit! Those who like to be active, are willing to train and move."

"So what's holding you back?"

"Oh, it's just a tyre tied to my waist with a bit of rope."

"Yeah, I didn't mean it that literally. I was just asking the question."


"You're kind of just ruining my flow now. There's supposed to be a big build-up, and now we have to go over this whole section again."

"Who's we?"



"That way!"

"Drop it!"

"Do you care enough to be a cop? Take the first step and visit!"

  • Character
  • Emotion
  • Argument

Character & trust

  • Expertise & authority
  • Just like you
  • Not like them
  • Warts and all
  • Virtue

Emotion & movement

  • Towards
  • Away
  • Stillness
  • Off-balance

Argument & certainty

  • Core argument
  • Mountain of evidence
  • Walking through reasoning
Does this ad work for you? How and why? (Or why not?)