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Alright let’s do a final checkpoint piece. We’ll use the same snippet as the previous page, the long description of Gibbon the servant, but we'll use a new inspiration image. The description of Gibbon includes physical details, relationships, feelings and beliefs.

Lord Saxby tried to give Gibbon his notice a dozen times or more. However, the servant was so old, just short of a hundred, that he had become very deaf and blind. As a result it was impossible to tell him to go. Even if you shouted right into his ear, the poor old soul wouldn’t hear a thing. Gibbon had worked for the Saxbys for generations. He had been in service for them for so long, he had become part of the family. Chester had grown up with Gibbon looking after him, and loved him dearly, like he was an eccentric old uncle. Secretly he was overjoyed that Gibbon stayed at the house, not least because he was sure the ancient butler had nowhere else to go.

Write your own character description drawing on as many different kinds of details as you like.