Memory and typing drills with Burning for Revenge - Mid-length snippets


Ready, aim, type

Tomorrow When the Ware Began movie poster

How are your typing skills? This lesson will put them to the test, plus it'll challenge your reading and memory. 

We have a bunch of snippets all pulled from John Marsden's war novel, Burning for Revenge, which is part of his Tomorrow, When the War Began series. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to retype each of these snippets—within a 2-minute time limit, and within only limited peeks at the source snippet.

These snippets are long-ish (but not crazily so). See how you go!

A hint: read and remember short chunks, then type them carefully. Don't rush. If you don't succeed, you can just try the snippet again. You will get faster each time.

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