For as long as I can remember...

Let’s write a quick memory-based sentence, to get a feel for it.

For as long as I can remember my mother has talked to birds.

Malala’s memory is part of a larger passage painting a picture of her life growing up. It helps to illustrate her mother’s love of nature and respect for life, which also shows Malala’s upbringing and values.

‘For as long as I can remember’ makes us feel: 

  • like we’re drifting back in time (a bit like a dissolve transition in a movie)
  • like this is a Universal Truth to the writer, which gives it emotional impact.

Here are some examples which follow the same pattern.

For as long as I can remember my family were cooks.

For about as long as I can recall Dad’s life revolved around me, my Mum, and trucks.

You can imagine the first example to be the memoirs of someone who became a famous cook. The second example could be a memoir that focuses on family relationships, mainly that of the writer’s bond with her father.

Write a sentence starting with ‘For as long as I can remember’ and add a vivid memory.