Thick dust crunched

Let’s look at the second sentence.

Thick dust crunched beneath their feet and Harry's nose detected, underneath the dank and mildewed smell, something worse, like meat gone bad.

This is another complex sentence that draws out creepy details, peeling back layers of the world to make us feel more and more concerned for Harry and Hermione’s safety.

Yellowed newspapers scrunched beneath his feet and Gabriela heard, somewhere within the damp and peeling walls, something alive, like writhing worms.

Glowing sails flapped above their heads and Nelson's eyes caught, in the sickly green moonlight, a glimpse of something black, like the wing of a giant bat.

Freight trains rumbled in the nearby yard and I sensed, in the shadowy corner of the station, someone sitting, like a pile of rags on a bench. 

Write your own variation.