Giving information

It can help to think of speech as an action. People don't speak for no reason!

Often when characters speak, they are giving each other information (sometimes in response to a question.)

“Ahem! I didn’t toss Brooklyn’s phone in the sink. I dropped it. By accident. Because I was startled when she opened the door.”

When characters share information, it tells us what they do and don’t know. It tells us what they want other people to know, and why they want them to know it.

For instance, in this snippet Mango is giving information about her actions. But why? Because she wants to set the record straight, and defend her reputation.

“I never said I was afraid for me. I said I was afraid for you. Because I’m a big scary tiger and you’re just a little boy with a stick that's on fire.”

“We have a soup special today,” he said. “Creamy pumpkin and ginger.”

Write your own variation where a character gives someone information, and maybe give us a hint as to why they think this is important.
Write another variation.
Write another variation.

Meme of Fry from Futurama not knowing where to put punctuation

True dat. Dialogue punctuation can be finicky.

Here's a handy guide (or you can just google for dialogue punctuation—everyone has the same questions!)